• Meet our team.

    We make the magic happen remotely, from all around the globe.

  • Charlotte Zhao

    Founder & CEO


    Vittoria Traglia

    Operations Lead


    Jason Cooper

    Commercial and Marketing Lead


    Bianca Hillerstam

    Business Operations Associate


    Munkh-Orgil Myagmarsuren

    Full-Stack Engineer


    James Zammit

    Engineering Lead


    Ira Almeda

    Product Designer




  • Kind

    We are kind, friendly & thoughtful - Human.
    We are frictionless, even during debate. We
    remain open-minded and communicate with
    dignity and respect. Always.

  • Empowering​

    We trust and encourage each other. 
    Unconditionally. We empower others to be
    proactive and have a strong sense of ownership.
    When AVID succeeds, we all succeed. We
    believe a combination of intuition and
    experience will get us there.

  • Equal​

    We all have a voice and know how to use it,
    wherever we are in the world. We maintain a
    beginner’s mindset and always assume there
    is something new to be learned from someone else.
    We are always aligned and share a single goal.

  • Optimistic​

    What we are doing is unrealistic by nature,
    but our grounded beliefs will help turn it into
    a reality. We must be rebellious and assertive.
    We are optimistic, intentional and celebrate both
    successes and failures. We enjoy every day
    because we have the freedom to create.

  • Psychologically Safe​

    We work hard to create a feel good workspace where everyone cares for each other. We always know where we stand with one another and finish every day with complete peace of mind. We think before we speak. Self-awareness, EQ & SQ are the keys. We remain calm at all times.

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