• Test, build and sell courses
    5x faster with audio

    It’s hard to turn your knowledge into courses. Our unique process helps you create audio courses people will love.

  • Here's what AVID can do for you.

  • Save time by taking small bets

    Create audio courses the AVID way


    Start with just ideas


    Validate through crowdfunding


    Improve with learner feedback

  • Don’t know where to start?

    Turning your knowledge into a course is hard. 
    We hear you!

  • An audio course is 5x faster to produce
    than one using video.

    “I have 5 full-time staff to make my video courses. It’s loads of work. Yet, my learners are asking for audio, because it’s easier for them to consume.”

    Ali Abdaal

    Course creator, Podcaster, and YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers


    Start selling after spending 12 months creating the course.


    Start crowdfunding in 20 mins and continue selling during course production.

  • AVID Courses deliver better results!​

    We’ve seen as high as 83% completion rate for AVID’s asynchronous courses, and that’s unheard of in online learning.

    “If I’m making an audio course from the start, I’d be speaking from my heart more, and that’s what the learners want.” – Ali Abdaal

  • The AVID way


    Course creation made easy

    You will never be alone. Our unique design process will coach you every step of the way.


    Crowdfund your ideas

    Get the support you need to commit to production. Start testing ideas in 20 minutes!


    Pre-sell whilst in production

    No need to wait to finish production before you sell your course.


    Deliver a superior learning experience

    No need to wait to finish production before you sell your course.


    Grow your community with analytics​

    Use insights into course use and learner behaviour to improve your performance.

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